Bench top Throatless Shear.

A look at some of the shop tools for RewT.
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Bench top Throatless Shear.

Post by RewT » 06 May 2017, 20:24

I bought this tool from Harbor Freight, lots of other company's sell the same exact tool for lots more. This thing is great, makes quick work of most sheet metal cutting jobs. Here is what the Manufacture says about it..

This handy throatless shear is the perfect tool for achieving straight, curved or irregular cuts on your work piece. The throatless sheer includes three holes for simple mounting and features an 18” handle that gives you the leverage to cut stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum with ease. The 4 in. hardened alloy steel cutting blades even cut through 16 gauge sheet steel!

I have had this mounted to many different stands, I also made a mount that fitted into a vise, but for about the first year I just used a big vise grip to hold it to the table. I have now made a mount so it can fit into the receiver I have welded to my fab table.
And it held down with a vise grip.
older pic of 1 of the many different mounts.
In the receiver.
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