Porter Cable Restorer

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Porter Cable Restorer

Post by RewT » 24 Mar 2017, 06:48

I will start by saying I love this tool!!!! It works awesome. I purchased this the day it came out at Lowes. The machine strips paint and filler with little effort also can clean up rust on metal for welding!

The stripping disc works perfect and last for quite awhile. There are also sanding drums, Metal conditioning drums that are like scotch bright pads. I also seen they are coming out with other types of drums in a few months!

The reason I chose to go with this machine is the cost of the unit itself, and also the drums cost no more than $15 and I can go to lowes and pick up the drums not waiting for them to ship to me. When I purchased the machine it was $98.00 and came with the rubber drum and 3 different grit sanding drums. I also purchased 2 metal conditioning drums, and 2 stripping drums.

I use this tool almost daily for metal prepping and stripping. This is a great tool with plenty of power to do the job. Here is what Porter Cable says about the Restorer!

"The restorer is able to accomplish a variety of tasks that typically require the use of many different hand tools and power tools including work done by hand. The restorer is a patented hand-held or bench top tool that can be used to buff, sand, grind, polish, scrub or clean any surface. Its design makes the restorer very balanced and compact for maneuvering in tight areas and around tough obstacles. And wait, in any type of surface, Flat or curved, wet or dry. Simply amazing! the restorer can be fitted with any type of roller from scotch-brite to wire wheel and everywhere in between. The pistol grip design allows the operator to control the tool with one hand or use the front palm grip to work vertically or overhead. Simply connect a vacuum source to the output of the restorer to safely and effectively clear away all debris that is being removed from the surface during usage."
This cost around $150.00 for everything pictured!!
What you get when you buy the machine.
After a few passes.
Getting a good deal is no reason to accept sub-par work, since making it right costs more later.
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