Swag offroad Work bench clutter catcher.

A look at some of the shop tools for RewT.
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Swag offroad Work bench clutter catcher.

Post by RewT » 12 Mar 2017, 18:14

I bought this because like most fabricators, I was getting tired of a cluttered work table with no room to work. This is fairly cheap and super heavy duty!! Well worth the money. Here is what it says about it on there website.

Work Bench Clutter Catcher

Constant clutter and a disorganized work bench has always has its negative consequences, from broken tools due to accidentally knocking them on the garage floor, to over ordering because you "lost" or misplaced the one you had.

To ensure survival in an abusive environment the Clutter Catcher bracket is laser cut out of 1/8" steel and formed on a CNC press brake.

The Clutter Catcher bolts on top of you work bench, tool cart or welding cart, thus freeing up additional work space and increasing organization. Please note that the grinder slots are designed to be used with grinders with or without blade guards.

Check out www.swagoffroad.com for more info!!
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