stationary grinders and sanders

A look at some of the shop tools for RewT.
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stationary grinders and sanders

Post by RewT » 20 Jan 2017, 09:58

Talking about stationary grinders and sanders, I have atleast 5 or more hand held grinders with different disc and cups on them and a bunch of hand sanders. I will discuss those tools in another tread. Sanders and grinders are perfect for fine shaping and finish fit up. I have a few different kinds in the shop, they all have a purpose.

First is the 8 inch grinder. This bench grinder is great for grinding bolts and other small implements around the shop! The grinder is powered by a 3/4 HP motor that produces up to 3450 RPM and features an adjustable tool rest and eye shields for added safety. With steel sealed bearings to support the motor shaft for a long service life, this handy bench grinder is great for metal workers to grind and sharpen small objects.

next is the disc/belt combo. My wife found me this old Delta at a rummage sale and it was missing the small shelf for the disc part, I made a small shelf out of some scrap steel and now it works perfect. Its older and while its running sounds like a old Flat head motor, but it still works great!

And last on this list is the 12in disc sander. This 12 in. disc sander is ideal for shaping and smoothing edges. Constructed of cast aluminum, this disc sander is built tough and its 1-1/4 HP motor reaches speeds of up to 1750 RPM to get your job done quickly. Featuring a cast aluminum table and disc guard.
Great bench grinder that I purchased 5 years ago and still working great.
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