oxy acetylene torch.

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oxy acetylene torch.

Post by RewT » 21 Nov 2016, 07:34

Another must have tool. I had a borrowed set for along time in the shop, but it had gauge pressure problems so I was scared to use it. I then bought a set and have been using it for metal projects around the shop.

The first thing I did was purchase a set of flashback arrestor and a brand new 25ft hose. I also had the gauges rebuilt and tested, I could have probably bought a brand new set for the same price, but I like the vintage older easy to read set. This is a dangerous process that you really need to respect and know your limits. But its also one of the most versatile tools you can have for your shop/garage.

Torches are a great multi use tool. You can heat, cut and weld with it. Need to bend plate and don't have a press brake, just put it in a vice and heat it up and bend it a set of big pliers or a hammer. The "gas axe" is great for cutting anything. The feature I like the best is the heating of stubborn frozen bolts you know are going to break off, but just give them a little heat, and most of the time they will come right off. Welding takes time and lots of practice, but it keeps the heat affected zone down and you can weld most materials with the proper filler rod.
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