Excel 3 in 1 tig, stick and plasma cutter.

A look at some of the shop tools for RewT.
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Excel 3 in 1 tig, stick and plasma cutter.

Post by RewT » 19 Dec 2016, 15:08

The Excel 3 in 1 tig, stick and plasma cutter is another must have for the shop. I purchased this from Ebay over 4 years ago for right around $500 shipped with extra consumables. I use the plasma cutter more than anything else, but I have used all the features and they all work great.

Tig welding: This machine comes with a pretty standard WP-17 torch with a finger trigger, but no pedal. so you set your voltage and press the button and go. it also comes with collet and collet body's along with tungsten's and a set of cups. The tig portion of this machine works great and is easy to learn how to weld with. The only thing you need is 100% bottle of argon gas. It does also come with a flow gauge.

Arc: the leads are pretty decent, and I was able to lay down some nice beads. Don't have to much to say about the stick welding capability's, because I haven't used it but a few times.

Plasma cutter: Cuts awesome!!!!!!!!!! 3/8 inch is the limit, but if you go slow, you can cut 1/2 plate with it.. I have... The consumables are cheap and all over ebay and amazon. you can get a large amount for around $20 shipped. it usually only takes a few days for delivery also. The gun is easy to hold and nothing fancy, but gets the job done. The machine also comes with a water separator for the air supply. I have used this machine with a small 21 gallon compressor and now run it with a 60 gallon. and it works the same just longer with the more air supply you have.

This machine is awesome and worth the small investment it is.. consumables are cheap and and available. It is also a 120 or 240 volt. you just pick the plug you want. I run mine on 240, so if you run it on 120 results might be different. When I first started this business, I bought this machine and got away with it and a mig welder for a long time.

I now use it mainly only for plasma cutting, but still have all the stuff to use the other features.
Right after I bought it. Mounted on a Harbor freight cart.
Mounted it on a cart with my mig welder.
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