A good strong vice is a must!

A look at some of the shop tools for RewT.
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A good strong vice is a must!

Post by RewT » 21 Nov 2016, 07:17

I have had this vice for many years, Its a craftsman I bought over 10 years ago and have had it mounted to many surfaces from work bench's to universal tool stands. last summer I decided to make a heavy duty stand for it. The stand is made out of semi truck brake drum I got from a friend that works on big rigs. the pipe is 5 inch 1/2 wall and the plates are 3/8's the pipe I decided to make it bolt on with large 7/8 nuts and bolts. I later added the hammer holder to the back.

Buy a good vice, spend the extra money. I use this tool more than any other tool in the shop!! I have welded on it, shaped metal and have used it as a spare hand!! This is a must have tool for any shop!
right after I built it.
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