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Lotos tig 200 ac/dc welder.

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 06:54
by RewT
I purchased this welder from Amazon last year and have used it a lot. I got a great deal on it, $399.00 with free delivery. I have not seen it go under $550.00 since. I do have the recites to prove that is what I paid!

It has been a great welder that works awesome. I have used it for steel and aluminum with great results. I have welded everything from sheet metal to 1/4 plate. The aluminum side also works great.

The only complaint I have about the machine is the customer service. they don't return calls or emails. I haven't had to warranty it, but I pray I never do. If I was to do it again, I would pay extra and get the eastwood tig 200 for the piece of mind of the warranty.

Tig welding is a totally different process that takes lots of practice and patients but the end results are awesome its a lot cleaner weld. Tig has defiantly became my go to form of welding.